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Refund Policy for 2022-2023 Season

Updated May / 2022

A Recreational League (House League) Refund Request must be emailed to the Erindale Registrar with details listing
the reason(s) for the withdrawal from the program.

The balance of Registration Fees will be refunded as follows:

    ·     Request received up to August 31st: 75% of Registration Fee Refunded.

    ·     Request received September 1 to September 30th 50% of Registration Fee Refunded.·

    ·     Request received after September 30th:   No Refund.

NOTE: Should the hockey season be terminated due to a COVID/Health Board decision, refunds will
calculated/prorated as follows; Erindale Registration Fee paid less costs incurred by Erindale to the
date of termination.

Please allow up to two (2) weeks for processing from time of acknowledgement that your
request has been received by the Registrar.

No refund will be issued where a false statement is made during the registration process or
through abuse of the registration system.

A Registration Fee Refund request for “A” or Gold, (Rep) player will be taken to the Erindale
Board Refund Committee and will be communicated once a decision has been made. This
refund is for Association related fees only and any Team fee fund refund is outlined below.


A minimum administration fee of $250 will be charged

** Please Note **

Team Fee – refunds

You will remain responsible for your share of costs incurred as per the team’s approved budget
from time of signing to the date request has been made to the Erindale Registrar, you will
receive a refund equivalent to your prorated share of the remaining unspent team budget from
that date to the end of the season.


Erindale Board of Directors

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