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For the 2020/2021 hockey season, the Erindale Hockey Association will again be using an online registration system accessed through our website. This registration system is supported only by Internet Explorer.

Hockey Canada Online Registration

If you have used Hockey Canada 's Online Registration System to register for another organization, you may use the same account to register for Erindale Hockey Association. Please note: you must use the link provided on this website.

If you have registered online with Hockey Canada in the past, you would have already created an account with your email address and password while setting up your Online Registration Account. You can simply login with that same account to register this season. If you have never registered online with Hockey Canada, you can create an account by accessing the Online Registration website and clicking on "Click Here to Create an Account".

Registration Instructions

  1. Read through registration information, then click the Hockey Canada Online Registration link - the Spitfire logo at the bottom of this page.

  2. Enter your account information to log in or, if you are new to hockey, create a new account.

  3. Once you've logged in, you will be asked to update your contact information and then you will arrive at your home page. You may use the menu along the top of the page to register a participant, view your orders and update your account information.

  4. Click on Register a Participant to begin the Registration Process.

  5. Enter the Registrant's Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Language to access their file, or create a new file.

  6. Profiles of any returning participants will be displayed on the screen. Simply click on "Register Now" to proceed with the registration.

  7. Complete the following pages to choose the division and fee package you require. If you wish to be a full-time goalie, please choose a Goalie Fee Package. If a fee package does not appear, that division is closed and you will need to contact the Registrar.

  8. You will be asked to complete contact information, answer questions, read a waiver (remember to check off the "I agree" box) and review your choices. If you have another Participant to register, please click on "add to cart", and then "register a participant". Once you have registered all Participants must click on "Checkout" to advance to the payment area.

  9. You will have the option to pay by Credit Card, Cheque, or Money Order.

Registration Payment Option

The Hockey Canada Registration system now gives our members the option to pay for registration fees with a series of credit card payments. If you wish to consider this option, please choose to pay by Credit Card to see the payment amounts and dates. We still offer the options of paying the whole fee upon registration, as well as cheque and money order. Please remember that you are not able to change your payment method after you have completed your registration.

  1. If you choose to pay by Credit Card, please wait until your payment is APPROVED, and you will receive a printable receipt. If your transaction is DECLINED, you may enter information for another Credit Card or choose another form of payment.

  2. If payment by Cheque or Money Order is chosen, print out the receipt produced by the system in the next step, and deliver it along with payment to the address on the receipt.

As of July 1/2011 Hockey Canada Convenience Fee

At the Hockey Canada Semi-Annual meeting in November 2010, it was unanimously approved that a $2 online convenience fee would be applied to all Credit Card transactions in the Hockey Canada Registry. The new Hockey Canada Convenience Fee of two dollars will be added on all Credit Card transactions starting July 1st, 2011. The system will NOT charge those transactions that choose other payment options such as Cheque, Money Order, or Cash. The Fee is non-refundable. Purpose of the Hockey Canada Convenience Fee: The purpose of the Hockey Canada Convenience Fee is to establish a fund to reinvest back into a technology fund to support continued improvements and development of Online Payment Web Systems. Funds collection will help pay for improvements to our web systems.

How it Works: It is important to note that the Convenience Fee will be charged per transaction, and not per member registered.

Example #1: A parent registers and pays for two or more participants at one time. A parent registers two or more participants at one time using the HCR System will only pay a single $2 Convenience Fee.

Example #2: A parent registers and pays for two or more players on different transactions or days. A parent registers two or more participants separately in the HCR System will pay a $2 Convenience Fee for each transaction.


1. Change your password
2. Reprint registration invoices

Please click here to access your HCR Account for registrations and changes to your personal information.