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Helping You Reach Your Potential:

Erindale recognizes that the hockey experience for a goalie is different than position players; in order to help you reach your potential, different and specialized training is needed in addition to your regular team practices. Erindale has assembled a support program consisting of coach development, skills development, mentoring and encouragement that will reduce barriers and provide specialized instruction to help improve your game.

Erindale House League Goalie Program Features:

Goalie Equipment:

Obtaining goalie equipment should not be a barrier for someone who wishes to try being a goalie. Instead of renting goalie equipment, Erindale loans goalie equipment (leg pads, chest protector, blocker and catching glove) to any Erindale House League goalie at no cost (Minor Novice to Peewee). You don't even have to leave a deposit. All we ask is that you return it at the end of the season in the same condition as you received it.

Goalie School:

In order to ensure we develop our goalies to their maximum potential, in addition to any MHL goalie training programs, Erindale runs its own goalie school. Erindale goalies are encouraged to participate in this training program dedicated to goalies.

Coaching & Practices:

Each of our House League teams will be provided goalie practice drills that focus on all aspects of improving the goalie's overall game. Rather than have our goalies stand around while player skills are being developed, we want our goalies to work on goalie skill development during these times. Additionally, goalies are encouraged to participate in some of the other same age group Erindale team practices to provide further opportunities for experience and development.

Mentoring & Support:

In order to provide support to our goalies, Erindale encourages each goalie to have a mentor. Our older age group goalies are willing to mentor and support our younger goalies. Erindale is also creating a social network site for goalies and parents to further develop mentoring, knowledge sharing, used equipment sales, moral support, etc.

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