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2024-2025 Season

To our Erindale Family and friends. While Covid-19 still plays a major factor in our day to day lives and as we hope to return to normal in the near future, we still need to operate with in certain boundaries to provide a safe environment for our players and volunteers.

The GTHL has removed the vaccine Policy as of the 2022-23 Season.
Please see full details on the MHL Site 


The Erindale Board of Directors will continue to monitor and follow the guidance of the MHL, GTHL board of Directors, as well as the direction of the Provincial, Municipal Public Health authorities and Facility Policies. 

For New Player registration inquiries please send an email to:

If your age group is full, please contact the Erindale Registrar at:

Recreational (House) League Divisions:

(ages as of Dec 31 2024)

Please note below the Age Group Definitions have changed. For more information click here.

  U7 - Initiation Program 6 years old and under (born 2020, 2019, 2018) - Open

  U8 - Minor Novice 7 years old and under (born 2017) - Open

  U9 - Novice 8 years old and under (born 2016) -  Open

U11 - Atom 9/10 Year old under 11 (born 2014/2015) - Open

U12 - Minor Peewee 11 years old, (born 2013) - Open

U13 - Peewee 12 years old and under (born 2012) - Open

U14 - Minor Bantam 13 years old and under (born 2011) - Open

U15 - Bantam 14 years old and under (born 2010) - Open

U16 - Minor Midget 15 years old and under (born 2009) - Open

U18 - Midget 16/17 years old (born 2008, 2007) - Open
U21 - Juvenile 20 years old and under (born 2004, 2005, 2006) - see MHL site for registration

Open Registration:

Registration is now Open!
If you are registering a new player or sibling who is new to the Mississauga Hockey League, a copy of their birth certificate,

passport or citizenship (in PDF or JPEG) must be forwarded to the Registrar before registration is accepted.

Send to:

Click here to go to the registration page

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