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Return to Hockey – Update Sep 3/20

Sep 3, 2020 | MHL News

The Mississauga Hockey League (MHL), in conjunction with our Area Association partners, are happy to report that hockey will be returning this fall!  It may not look quite the same as you’re used to, but thanks to our governing bodies at the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), and Hockey Canada, we’re going to be able to take to the ice nonetheless. Collectively, we’ve been working with the Province of Ontario, the local Health Authorities, and the City of Mississauga to get your players back on the ice as safely as possible.  The GTHL recently released their Game Plan – Return to Hockey Framework which contains the entire plan for this coming season.  Here are some highlights of the temporary changes for this season:

  • Sep 7 through Oct 7, designated “the Warm-up Period”, has been set aside for player registration and off-ice training (in groups of no more than 10)

  • There will be no tryouts this season, and no new imports from outside of Mississauga/Toronto

  • There will be no tournaments this season

  • As of Oct 7 (the 1st Period, date to be confirmed), on-ice training may begin with groups of 20 or less (30 or less for players involved with our modified-ice programs, that is for players U9&below)

  • Teams of 9 players and 1 goaltender will be formed during this stage and may begin 3on3 and 4on4 scrimmage games within each cohort of 20.

  • The 2nd Period, whose date is to be determined, will see the formation of divisions of 4 to 6 teams (depending on roster size… no more than 50 players within a division) who will continue to play 3on3 and 4on4 games.

  • The 3rd Period, whose date is again “tbd”, will see rosters expand, games move to 5on5, and divisions grow beyond 50 players (subject to Public Health considerations)

  • The Overtime Period, set to begin no earlier than December 1st will see the return of “normal” hockey

Please note that the foregoing Plan is subject to change as the local Health landscape changes.  When “bubble expansion” is permitted team and divisional structures will be adjusted accordingly. As to Registration, we’re currently reviewing the costs associated with the above Game Plan and will do our utmost to keep fees as low as possible.  Our fee structure will be announced shortly. As far as Scheduling is concerned, we will be working closely with the City of Mississauga during the Warmup period and draft a schedule based upon the number of rinks that the City can bring online.  As more rinks come online, the Schedule will be expanded. We are, as the saying goes, living in very interesting times.  However, if we heed the advice of our local Health Authorities and work together to implement and follow the Game Plan, your children continue to benefit from all that hockey has to offer… exercise, teamwork, friendship, and most of all, FUN.

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